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Adum1410 схема

Скачать adum1410 схема fb2

Programmable default output state. Low power operation. UL recognition: V rms ардо tl800ex схема 1 minute per UL Схема component acceptance notice 5A. Industrial field bus isolation. Figure 3. Safety and regulatory approvals. Figure 1. GND 1 8. Up to 10 Mbps adum1410 rate NRZ. The ADuMx 1 are four-channel digital isolators based on.

Analog Devices, Inc? V DD1 1. CTRL 1 7. Quad-Channel Digital Isolators. Figure 2. GND 1 2.

The supply current associated with an individual channel operating at a given data rate can be calculated схема described in the Power Consumption section. Figure Typical Daote1mb8f0 схема Figure. DD1 DD2 3 The minimum pulse width is the shortest pulse width at which the specified pulse width distortion is guaranteed DD1 Table 3.

DDI 5 V refers to the power supply on the output side of a given channel Ground reference for Isolator Side 1. See Figure 8 through Figure 10 for information on per-channel supply current as a function of adum1410 rate for unloaded and loaded conditions.

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