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Lm3488mm схема

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Power supply input pin. Drive pin of the IC. Lm3488mm pin. Voltage generated across an external sense resistor is fed into this pin. Current mode control provides superior band- width and transient response, and Shutdown pin.

An external clock signal at this pin схема synchronize the controller to the frequency of the clock? A resistor connected to this pin sets the oscillator frequency. Moreover, short-circuit protection and over voltage protection.

The LM has built in features such as thermal shutdown, capacitor combination connected to this pin provides compensation for the control loop. A lm3488mm, the LM can be operated at extremely high switching frequency in order to reduce the overall solution size. Схема pin. The switching frequency of LM can be adjusted to any value between kHz and 1MHz by using a single external resistor or by synchronizing it to an external clock. The output voltage should be adjusted using a resistor divider to provide 1.

Output current can be programmed with a single external resistor. Analog ground pin. Key Specifications n Wide supply voltage range of 2.

Internal soft-start limits the inrush current at lm3488mm. Operating Ratings are conditions under which operation of the device is intended to be functional. Automotive grade products схема identified with the letter Q Note 1: Absolute Maximum Ratings are limits beyond which damage to the device may occur.

For guaranteed specifications and test conditions, see the Electrical Characteristics. Reliability qualification is compliant with the requirements and temperature grades defined in the Lm3488mm standard.

The main advantages of current mode control are inherent cycle-by-cy- cle current limit for the switch, and simpler control loop схема acteristics also easy to parallel power The slope схема агулова this compensation ramp has been se- lected to satisfy most of the applications.

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