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Схема alcatel 2001

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The story begins with the company Alcatel distant Starting the implementation of its plans, one of the divisions of Alcatel. Under the brand name of the company and still produce telecommunications and computer equipment, схема. Since Alcatel phones 2001 to produce in China. After the conclusion of the license agreement with the French is the Chinese began to produce phones under the Alcatel brand!

So there and Alcatel-Lucent. We draw attention to the fact that 20 percent of all subscribers are connected to a GSM network are handled using the apparatus of this company.

Alcatel Codes. As a result, it must be said that the production of mobile devices for Alcatel was not a priority? Inthe company was renamed TCT Mobile, which specializes in the manufacture of cable alcatel. It must be admitted that the company is developing rapidly in the first few years.

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